Training programs for practising statutory planners are an emerging area of focus for Stephen’s work.

In 2015 Stephen delivered the course on writing planning permits and conditions for the Planning Institute’s Planet training program, and since 2013 he has taught undergraduate¬† courses in statutory planning at RMIT University. Stephen is a rare training provider with both in-depth statutory planning expertise and experience in education.

Stephen understands that workplace training keeps employees out of the office, which has productivity impacts for managers and can be frustrating for staff, especially if training is not focused and well-targeted. His priority in training is to provide material that is targeted and pitched at a sufficient level to justify this opportunity cost.

Stephen’s approach to training is therefore based upon the following principles:

  • Training needs to be kept short and focussed. Overly long training sessions waste valuable staff time and lead to poor learning outcomes.
  • Training needs to be carefully tailored based on an understanding of the needs and pre-existing knowledge of your group.
  • Your staff are already planning experts. It is vital that they are trained by people who understand their existing level of knowledge and can extend it.
  • The most effective training is closely planned with managers to allow opportunity for follow-up discussion about how that knowledge can be applied at the individual workplace.
  • It is better to decline training work than run poor sessions for which the trainer is unsuited.

Over time, this page will list further developed topics for Stephen’s training delivery. However, Stephen is happy to discuss your workplaces’ needs and develop content in the statutory planning field that meets your requirements.