Planning Applications

In well over a decade of working at local government, Stephen processed many hundreds of planning applications. He is intimately familiar with the pitfalls of planning schemes and the planning application process, and can assist in resolving problems at any point in the process.

For Permit Applicants

The number one cause of difficulty in the application process is inadequately documented applications. These lead to further information requests from Council, which for the applicant means needless and avoidable delays.

To avoid this, your supporting material needs to be prepared by an expert in statutory planning who can view the application material with the same critical eye that Council planners will use. Stephen can review your application plans, and prepare your planning submission, to give you the best possible chance of a smooth application process.

Stephen’s depth of technical knowledge also means he is equipped to troubleshoot issues that arise during the application process. When you need an expert planner in your corner, Stephen can help.

For Residents

If you have received notice of an application, Stephen can help you understand the plans and the process, advise on the merits of the proposal, and give you an honest assessment as to which of your concerns might be valid. This gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether to object.

With costs of lodging objector appeals to VCAT recently rising to close to the $1000 mark, it is more important than ever to make sure that your initial submission to Council is as effective as possible. That means getting the best possible advice early in the process.