Why RCI?

Stephen’s unique background – outlined here – gives him an exceptional ability to straddle the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of urban planning.

As a single-planner consultancy, RCI Planning offers you the benefit of certainty. Stephen is the planner you hire and will be the planner you deal with: there are no junior staff to be handed off to. You also know you’re paying only for his services, as there aren’t overheads of other staff and offices. This means you can get recognised planning expertise at extremely competitive rates.

At the same time, though, RCI gives you the benefits of scalability. If your project does need multiple team-members, Stephen’s connections within the industry give him the opportunity to put together a tailored team. Again, you have the certainty of knowing exactly who the team is, and that you are getting staff selected to the role, not just those who happen to be at hand.

“No, I meant ‘Why RCI?’ as in what does it stand for?”

Oh, right. Well, it stands for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. These are not only the three key zone categories under the Victorian system, but also the three use categories in the classic game SimCity. The game was a key factor in inspiring Stephen to become a planner, and as Stephen has argued elsewhere, may well be the single best-known representation of what planners do.

Pictured below (at the centre of the image) is SimCity 4’s RCI indicator, the game’s key measure of economic activity, and the inspiration for both RCI’s name and logo.

RCI screengrab