RCI Planning is a town planning consultancy run by Stephen Rowley, an urban planner with more than fifteen years of experience at local and state government. Stephen is the Planning Editor of the Victorian Planning Reports, an experienced VCAT advocate, and a planning educator.

Town planning is about building great places, and creating a sustainable and socially just future. Yet in practice, day-to-day planning practice is characterised by complex and frequently frustrating bureaucracy. A planning consultant needs to be able to see and communicate the big-picture vision of polices and projects, while having the technical knowledge to navigate the detail. Stephen has the ideal blend of experience to achieve that balance.

Key areas of practice include:

  • VCAT advocacy for local government, planning applicants and residents.
  • Planning applications including application lodgement, processing and troubleshooting.
  • Strategic planning with a particular focus on statutory drafting and policy implementation.
  • Training, with a focus on statutory planning practice.

You can click any of the key practice areas above for more details of the services RCI Planning provides. Alternatively, you can read more about the general focus of the business and why it might suit your needs here, or learn about Stephen’s background in the industry and the unique skill-set he brings to urban planning work here.